Over 4 Million Instagram Followers Strong!

Here at Speedy Likes, we are proud to announce that we have now delivered over 4 Million Instagram Followers (and over 5 million likes) to thousands of Instagramers worldwide! We are happy in being one of the top UK providers of Instagram services.


4 Million Instagram Followers


When writing this blog, we have delivered an insane amount of 4,004,500 Followers since launching in late 2015. We are the first choice for Instagram promotion by many celebrities and businesses, who have all had great results from the services we offer.  1 Million of the Followers we have delivered were added to a single profile that uploaded pictures of watches (we cannot share the username of this account due to customer privacy) – This accounts now gains in excess of a thousand Followers every day. The owner of the watch Instagram account now generates a full time income through his profile, by using affiliate marketing campaigns and offering social promotion to businesses within the niche of the profile.

This huge milestone has allowed us to recently update our servers and broaden our advertising networks, meaning we can deliver followers faster than ever. We can now add all our like and follower packages within 24 hours of receiving your details and payment, regardless of how many other orders we have to process. We can cope with an unlimited number of accounts, which are then fed down our extensive advertising network until your desired amount is achieved.

Instagram is becoming an essential tool for personal use – allowing you to make an additional income from doing what you love. Some employers are even beginning to check Instagram profiles for more information about a job applicant. Instagram is also incredibly powerful for business owners, allowing you to utilize visual communication to engage with your audience and potential customers. The Next Web put out an article in which it mentions that Instagram could soon become the most powerful social media to increase sales and leads.

Get started today with any of our great value packages! All the Followers we offer are high quality, meaning they come with pictures, complete profiles and often followers of their own. They are all permanent – your Followers won’t just drop off after a couple weeks like with other providers. Finally, we don’t use bots to add your Followers either, we use extensive networking and advertising which usually generates instant results.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has chosen to use our services to grow their Instagram profile. We are constantly working on improving our services and the experience we offer to our customers. If you can think of any ways we can improve, we would appreciate you leaving a comment below. Need help? Contact us for a reply within 24 hours – we can help you with anything from Instagram problems to picking the perfect sized package for your account.