Advertising your Instagram is something that needs to be done in order for you to really see much growth on the Social Media app, but knowing where to start can often be daunting and confusing. We are here to give you some advice on how to effectively advertise your Instagram profile for maximum growth.

Advertise your Instagram - Top Tips


Firstly, don’t be that one person that comments “FOLLOW ME” on every single picture they can possibly find. This will only waste your time and give you a bad reputation (as well as perhaps a mean comments). Spamming can do terrible things to your account, it can even effect your profiles rank on the Instagram app. I’ve known people that have spammed so much that when they upload a picture with hashtags, it will not show in the feeds that it should. Basically, this tip is avoid spamming.

Interaction is key.  Relevant interaction is the best way, according to professional social media marketers, to gain a “valuable” following. A “valuable” following is essentially a following that likes your pictures regularly when they are uploaded. Now the reason relevant interaction is so likely to cause this type of growth it simple, if you comment on someone’s picture, in a topic that you’re interested in, chances are you will upload this sort of content at some point.  So when that person inevitably takes a look back at your own profile, they see something that appeals to them, which means they leave a follow!

Include your profile link where you can. A simple example of this would be to include your Instagram link in your twitter bio. If you use other types of social media (which I’m sure you do) include your Instagram on as many of these as you can. There is plenty of integration now between Instagram and other social medias, make sure you use them. You can link your Instagram to your Facebook so that your Instagram post shows on Facebooks newsfeed – imagine the additional exposure this could give you new post! This also works the other way, which is useful for promoting all of your other social media accounts.

Finally, a very clever way to advertise your Instagram is to set your account to private. Now you might think this is a bad idea, because people will not be able to view your posts by visiting your profile. This might be a little blown out of proportion, but when your account is on private, your posts are like the inside of a VIP area as people have no idea what you have uploaded until they follow you. This will peek peoples curiosity and ensure that they view all,  or atleast a majority of, your posts when you accept their follower request.

That’s it – advertising your Instagram doesn’t have to be time consuming. Make the most of the tools that are available to you and you’ll be gaining followers in no time!