Social Media Advertising

This article is centered around how you can use Social Media, mainly Instagram, to advertise and market your business. This can not only lead to more sales, but can strengthen your brand image and help your website in terms of search rankings.


social media advertising

advertising in social media

Advertise your business or product with Instagram

Like many other Social Medias, Instagram is about sharing visual content in order to share a message. In Instagram’s case, this comes in the form of a picture, where users can add a relevant caption and hashtags to increase visibility. Therefore, if you are using Instagram from a business standpoint, you have to ensure that your photographs are visually appealing and send across the correct message in terms of your brand, product or service. Below are some tips on how to increase the visual appeal of your pictures, as well as how to strengthen the message you want to convey:

  • Focus – ensure the pictures focus is on your product/service. Don’t just have your product somewhere in the picture, have it in the foreground with packaging clearly visible (For example – If you’re advertising a soft drink, make sure the viewer can easily read the name on the label).
  • Perception – User perception is everything, so you want to give the viewer as many hints as you can towards the message you are trying to send them. If you’re sharing pictures of your product, you want to make the product look as inviting as possible. There are many clever ways of doing this, from a glow behind the product to a person making eye contact with your product – this is something you will have to decide on.
  • Description – On Instagram – the caption is for a description of your product. Don’t add an unnecessary amount of wording to the picture. If people enjoy looking at the picture, they will, without a doubt check the caption. In this caption, you should include a brief description of your product or service, information on how to purchase from you (ideally – a website link) and finally, a few relevant hashtags.
  • Moderation – Finally, make sure you remove spammy or junk comments on your Instagram pictures. This will stop them from looking clustered and unprofessional.

Once you have mastered the above techniques, the only other thing you need to successfully advertise on Instagram is interaction.┬áThere are a few ways to maximize your interactivity with potential or ongoing customers, the main one being replying to comments people place on your pictures. Secondly, follow others – This is something that only a few big businesses actually do and they’re missing out, following customers and related businesses will only help you to build stronger relationships in the correct places.

The best way to make sure these interactions happen is by linking your company Instagram to your phone, so you get a notification pop up every time someone comments on one of your pictures. This allows you to reply in a timely manor, but also at your convenience.

There you go – it really is that easy to begin advertising your business on Instagram. A few minutes a day spent on Instagram could have an incredibly positive impact on your business, what have you got to lose?



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