Are Instagram Adverts too annoying?

Yet again Instagram have changed the way that ads are displayed to their users,  in an attempt to make adverts more ‘visually appealing’ and ‘relevant’. However, a large majority of Instagram account holders believe that they have done the complete opposite, with ads appearing far more frequently throughout feeds and searches. Before the update to advertising, you would very rarely see sponsored posts while scrolling down your timeline, while now seeing 3/4 isn’t uncommon. What happened to the Instagram ad algorithm? We will be explaining in more depth throughout this short article.


Annoying Ads on Instagram


The new Instagram update started off well, with ads being high quality pictures that were relevant to a users interests and geographical location. They were also learly marked with ‘sponsored’ and often had a different colour background to those pictures from followed users. Overally, I think the majority of the Instagram community was happy with the new changes – so what happened? To tell you the truth, there are a couple factors that lead adverts to become poorly placed and irrelevant.

The first reason is the lack of interest from business owners, which simply didn’t offer enough variation for Instagram to hand pick results for user feeds. Obviously Instagram cannot feature adverts relevant to location if not every country worldwide is targeted by a business paying for advertisement, with the same principle applying to interest based placement. To combat this, Instagram could simply lower the costs of their advertising service, as advertising on Instagram currently costs within the region of $350,000 – $500,000 per month! With fees this high, Instagram advertising could be the most effective way to get a business on the map, but if only a select amount of businesses can afford to use it, what’s the point? Especially when there are cheaper ways to grow your Instagram following.

The second and perhaps more influential reason leading to the current state of Instagram ads, is simply the business has gotten lazy. Previously, only high quality pictures managed to show as sponsored posts, but recently all kinds of pictures have slipped through the net. We believe that Instagram need to be more lenient with the adverts that they allow, forcing advertisers to put time and effort into their campaigns, which will actually benefit them too. Instagram could also put more effort into maintaining their algorithm, by conducting tests to ensure a good experience for users. To put it simply, a single 30 year old man should not be getting adverts about the new MAC lipstick range!


That’s exactly why we think that the Instagram ad service has gone downhill. While it’s far from unsaveable, Instagram will need to make some vital changes to ensure a good user experience. To conclude this article, if you see an advert that you’re not happy with, don’t just scroll past it – click on the ‘Sponsored‘ text, then click ‘Hide this‘ and select a reason. The more people that hide adverts, the more Instagram will realise that it’s causing a problem and interfering with user experience.