Instagram is full of thousands of people looking to grow their following, but only a small handful of people will actually get more followers from simply posting pictures. We are here today to share proven methods to increase your Instagram Following and set you apart from everyone else.


How to grow your Instagram Following


Follow Others

Following others is a great way to get more followers for yourself as a large amount of Instagram users follow back. How do you find these users to follow? You can easily find people to follow by searching for a hashtag, or by going to a celebrity account and tapping ‘Followers’. Also, it’s worthwhile following large celebrity accounts, as people will be doing exactly what we just mentioned and you will receive a ton of followers from people who are looking for a follow back.

Hashtags – Use then delete

Hashtags are very important on Instagram for reaching new audiences with your pictures. Every day, thousands of people could be searching for hashtags that are related to your pictures. We have an article already explaining how to successfully use hashtags on Instagram so we won’t touch on this too much, but make sure you remove these hashtags after 15/20 minutes of uploading your picture. Why? These hashtags can make your feed look very messy which, believe it or not, could prevent you from getting new followers that just stumble across your profile. Keep your profile as visually appealing as possible!

Be Unique

There’s more than enough selfies and pictures of food on Instagram, which is why posting unique pictures could be hugely beneficial to your Instagram profile. Similar to having a successful business, having an Instagram profile with a lot of followers could mean that you need to enter a niche. Find something that interests you and post about it regularly, so if someone is interested in your chosen niche, they have no option other than to follow. For this to work effectively, you want to make sure that your chosen niche isn’t just specific to a couple hundred people. Pick a fairly large niche and avoid posting about it too often, make sure you are still posting pictures about you and other areas on interest in your life.

Post Regularly

Posting often on Instagram is mainly to keep your account active while retaining the followers you have, however it can also help to grow your Instagram profile. Find the perfect amount of pictures to post and try to figure out the best times to post them too! Be careful to not spam the feed of your followers, as this can get very annoying and overall hurt your Instagram profile. We would recommend posting no more than twice a day, once in the morning and then once in the night.

Buy Instagram Followers

If all else fails, you can try the method that is guaranteed to bring fast results. Buy Instagram Followers for your Instagram profile to kick start natural growth. Having more followers will rank you higher in searches, help your pictures to reach the ‘popular’ section and will also impress the users than stumble across your profile. Buying Instagram followers doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get them for as little as £2.99 for 500 here at Speedy Likes.


There you go, the proven methods that you can use to grow your Instagram profile. The best thing about all the techniques above is the speed, you will see results within 24 hours or less. Give as many as possible a try, then repeat the ones that work best for you!