We share a video from our Youtube Channel, Where Laura gives a short review of her experience of purchasing Instagram Followers with SpeedyLikes.com

Laura owns an online ecommerce website that sells a large variety of home made gifts and decided that her Instagram needed some new followers to attract more customers. She set her business up in 2015 and made an Instagram account but never really used it, with the help of us Laura now uses Instagram almost daily and has used it to gain more exposure and sales on her products. Check out her short review:


Laura now has a full time job running her business, which now gets over 20 sales daily! Her huge increase in social presence has helped her to take her business to the next level, with plans of opening her own Physical store in Liverpool.

Laura made a purchase of 1,000 Instagram Followers for only £4.99 which has kickstarted her Instagram page. Now she gets Thousands of Real Instagram Followers and Likes every day and frequently appears on the ‘popular’ section on Instagram which gives her business additional exposure. Lauras Instagram now has over 30,000 Followers and is growing rapidly every day!


Buy Instagram Followers SpeedyLikes Review

Laura now gets a decent amount of daily traffic to her site


Laura is very happy with her purchase, it has definitely helped her to grow her business to the size she wanted. Buying Instagram Followers can really help with the growth stage of your profile, giving you a base of Followers to start you off which will help to attract more real visitors.

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