So you’ve checked out our site and seen our Instagram services, but we now sell Twitter Followers too over on! Buying Twitter Followers is another great way to grow your online following and increase the trustworthiness of your business or simply to make Twitter more enjoyable from a personal perspective.

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There are lots of benefits to buying Twitter Followers and most of them are the same as the benefits you will receive from buying Instagram followers, so if you’ve had a good experience with purchasing Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers could also be hugely benefitial to you. Here are a few benefits to purchasing Twitter Followers:

  • Search Engine Rankings Twitter profiles can rank highly for specific keywords or your brand which will help people to find your website. This is particularly useful for when your website doesn’t rank highly for your business or brand name. People will search for your brand, find your Twitter and on there will be redirected to your website (aslong as you include a link to your website in your Twitter bio)
  • Increased Reach – More People will see your tweets. This is great for individuals that are simply looking for more interaction on their tweets or for a business that is tweeting our promotional material, such as a sale or coupon code. As you have more followers, your tweets will have more prominence and more people will see them.
  • Trusthworthiness – Due to human psychology, people associate a profile that has a lot of followers with being trustworthy. This will make the user more likely to purchase from your website when comparing to any other.
  • Natural Growth – This is a result that is again caused by human psychology. This one is essentially a “follow the crowd” example, by where someone will follow you purely because you have a large amount of followers. In most peoples minds, if you have a lot of followers you must post some good tweets or have content that people approve of. As people don’t want to miss out on this, they follow you too which will increase your natural growth.
  • Get Paid To Tweet – This is something we thought we would mention as it doesn’t really work with Instagram. People will large followings (usually of 100k+) are actually getting paid by companies to tweet and retweet content. This sort of agreement is often mutually benefitial, with the business receiving some exposure and the twitter use gettign paid to do something that takes no longer than a couple minutes. You can offer these sorts of services on – where hundreds of people get paid to tweet daily!


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