Direct Messaging on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking app that allows users to share pictures and videos with all of their online following. Since the company launched in 2010, there has been over 100 million photos uploaded by users around the world.

Most users want their pictures to be seen by as many people as possible, earning them a large amount of Followers and Likes. However, what if you want to simply share a photo with a friend, without it being visible to thousands of other Instagrammers. While making your Instagram private is a way to limit the exposure your pictures receive, you can also send pictures and videos via Instagram Direct. There are 2 ways you can direct message people on Instagram, both of which are explained below.


How to send a direct message on Instagram


How to send a Direct Message on Instagram:

  • Prepare your Message – This involves finding or creating a picture or video you want to share via direct messaging.
  • Tap the Direct message option, which you can find in the top right hand corner of your screen from the Instagram home section.
  • Touch the + button, indicating that you want to send a new message.
  • Select the photo or video that you saved earlier.
  • Next, enter the usernames of the people you want to receive your message. Currently, there is a limit of 15 users that can receive one message.
  • Finally, select the ‘send’ option to complete the process.

Recently, another way to send direct messages was introduced to the Instagram app. This method allows you to privately share media that someone else has uploaded, with your friends or family.

How to privately share someone elses Picture:

  • After you’ve found the image or video you want to send privately, click on the curved arrow below it (Next to the like and comment icons).
  • You will then be asked who you want to receive your direct message, simply enter your user(s) of choice. Again, the maximum is 15 recipients.
  • Touch the send button. You will now be redirected to the message you just sent.


Instagram are continously working on ways to improve visual communication, with CEO Kevin Systrom saying that Instagram want to remain as the most interesting place to be in terms of Social Media. Their constant improvements have proved successful, with the app recently reaching a huge milestone by breaking 500 million users!

According to developers, Instagram Direct was implemented to offer users an innovative way to start and continue conversations. After the message has been sent, Instagram will display a small ‘seen’ message in your direct messages if the recipient has opened your conversation. You can also chose to like a message that is sent to you, which can be done by double tapping the desired picture or video.

Finally, you can tell who has sent you a direct message as when you open the Instagram app, you will see an orange alert on your home feed. If you wish to be alerted about these messages sooner, turning on notifications for Instagram is your best bet.

Whatever the future holds for new methods of messaging on Instagram, Speedy Likes will be sure to keep you updated.