How to get your Hashtag used on Instagram

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Hashtags are added to captions on Instagram, each serving a different purpose. Some offer more information about the picture itself, while others are used in an attempt to gain more Followers and Likes. While using hashtags on Instagram can be benefitial, business owners and digital marketers have recently discovered that creating one can have even greater rewards. Having a popular hashtag on Instagram associated with your business can work wonders for your brand awareness and online presence. In this article, we will be sharing some powerful methods that you can use to promote your hashtag.


Get your Hashtag used on Instagram


Create a Relatable Hashtag

Having a popular Hashtag begins in the creation phase – ensure your hashtag is relatable and has potential for a large amount of use. Identify something that a lot of people upload pictures about, then incorporate this into a hashtag (This is why #DogsOfInstagram, #Foodography and similar hashtags have done so well). Focus on the mass of Instagram users, a really niche hashtag is unlikely to get any use at all.


Run a Competition

The fastest and easiest way to get users involved with your hashtag is to run a competition, after all, who doesn’t love a freebie? Simply create a competition that requires users to include your hashtag in each entry. When someone users your hashtag, it will become visible to all of their followers, some of which will also want to enter your competition – this will cause your tag to spread like wildfire around Instagram. If you don’t have money to invest in a competition prize, that’s not a problem either! A large majority of Instagram contests simply allow the winning picture to be featured on their profile, in the hope of the victor gaining some followers as a result.


Buddy up

There are plenty of large Instagram accounts that are willing to promote your business or product in return for a small fee, with some of these accounts boasting upwards of 1 million Followers. These influential profiles are perfect for raising awareness about your newly created hashtag! Simply find a large account that you think would represent your hashtag well and get in contact with them (most big Instagram profiles will include a contact method in their bio). Another great place to find advertisers is ShoutCart, where you can browse accounts by topic.


Interact with Users

If you see someone using your hashtag, go over to their picture and leave them a like or a comment. This will not only help Instagramers to identify that your account is responsible for the hashtag, but will also act as an incentive for others to use it too! The most effective way of remaining interactive is to manually search for your hashtag once a day, then hand out as many likes, comments and follows as you can (Do not complete more than 20 actions per minute however, at this may flag your account for spam).


The above methods are very easy to implement and can really help to build your brand on social media – give each of them a try and see the results for yourself. Struggling to get noticed on Instagram? Buy Instagram Followers with us today and give your account a well deserved boost!