It’s been rumored recently that Instagram wants to change the way photos are displayed on the home ‘feed’ (the photos you see when you first log in). Instagram recently has made the statement that, because of so much content being uploaded, regular users will miss up to 70% of their feed, which is the main reason they are changing the algorithm.

Instagram changes the way they display pictures


Now, they are making 2 major changes. Firstly, they are altering the order that pictures display in. When you take a look at your Instagram feed, the photos you see will no longer be ordered chronologically as they are now, they will be filtered in order of what Instagram thinks you will find the most interesting. How? Instagram haven’t really given us much information on this, but I assume they will monitor the pictures you like and incorporate that into what they show you first. The only 3 ways they could achieve this is by logging hashtags, users or captions that you interact with the most and put these first in your feed – clever and innovative!

However, I have a feeling that people will not be so in favor of the second change – ads. Local businesses will now display on your home feed, regardless of whether you are interested in that business or not. This is purely down to location as far as Instagram have made clear, meaning people from London, for example, will all see the same ads in a rotation. This could have many benefits to both business and users – the benefit for business’ is obvious, but users could possibly find a new favorite spot to eat, something to do e.t.c.

Popular tabs and hashtag tabs will stay similar, if not exactly the same. The popular section will still be based on the photo with the most likes, location will not be taken in to either of these two tabs – which is probably a positive in terms of growth for Instagrammers everywhere. Instagram have also acknowledged and supported the use of multiple accounts, the app will be made easier to manage multiple accounts.

This change seemed needed, with rivals Facebook and Twitter changing up a few things. It will definitely be exciting to see these changes when they are implemented, which should be very soon. Instagram will also be offering the change for all users to leave feedback on the update, which is definitely something we recommend doing as Instagram listens hugely to their users.

Stay tuned with us here at Speedy Likes, as I’m sure this update will allow new marketing strategies and growth methods to be implemented – we will keep you all up to date to make sure you make the most of your social media. Be sure to let us know what you think of these updates in the comment section, we would love to hear from you!