Instagram – The next big thing in business. We think Instagram is the next social media that businesses will focus on and by 2017 we strongly believe that Instagram will be the most influential social media in terms of generating sales and website traffic.


Using Instagram for Business


Why? Many reasons have caused us to think this way and the new update that Instagram released only a few days ago has only confirmed our suspicions. The first main reason we believe that Instagram will be the next hit amongst businesses is that it’s primarily visual. Facebook and Twitter focus more on the text, giving you the opportunity to attach a picture but Instagram is the opposite, uploading a picture is mandatory and text can be chosen to accompany it. This is particularly crucial for businesses that sell products, giving them the chance to make their product visually appealing and pull in the buyers. People prefer pictures over text and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but now a picture can be worth a thousand pounds, too!

Ads have also been incorporated a lot more in the new Instagram update, with several adverts appearing on the timelines on most users. These ads tend to be from Local businesses, allowing businesses that don’t just sell online to benefit from them. The price of these ads is incredibly low, currently you can gain 1,000 impressions on your advert for less than $0.80 which is less than half the online average. The only real downside to this is that currently, the ads cannot be any longer than 15 seconds, meaning the advert has to get straight to the point and may often leave out crucial bits of information.

Instagram also allows businesses to have a significantly larger reach with their pictures. On Facebook you can’t really search for individual posts and on twitter you can only include a few hashtags per post. Instagram on the other hand allows a business to pack their caption with hashtags which can be searched for by users worldwide, meaning their pictures have thousands, if not millions of impressions from people all over the world if they use hashtags correctly. There’s also a ‘popular’ section in Instagram which allows posts that have generated a lot of likes to show up before every other. If a business can get their picture there, the results could be life changing for the owner of the business, earning them thousands of new followers which could potentially lead to a lot of sales.

These reasons lead us to believe that Instagram will be the next most desirable social media for businesses to use in their favour. It is expected that by 2018, most businesses will employ a team of people just to manage their Instagram profile, now that says something about the potential of Instagram.

If you’re a business owner without a large social presence, Instagram is definitely the place we would recommend you start. It’s simple to grasp and easier to grow on when compared to other social medias. Grow a healthy, interactive Instagram profile today and be one step ahead of the competition.