Instagram Hits the 500 Million Milestone

The 21st of June 2016 marks a very special day for everyone involved with the creation and advertisement over at Instagram, as the photo-sharing app hit 500 million users! Incredibly, Instagram boast that over 300 million of those users are active on Instagram every day.


500 Million Instagram Users


Instagram has surpassed other huge social media websites, such as Twitter, during it’s 5 and a half year life cycle. The main reason Instagram has grown to such an astonishing size, is largely due to it’s celebrity endorsement, according to the Instagram Chief Kevin Systrom. He claims that Instagram offers every celebrity an audience, which helps their exposure and brand awareness. Kevin also mentioned that Instagram is the new way of communicating, as pictures can convey a message fast and without much effort on the readers end.

The Competition

While most people would assume that Instagrams biggest competitors are Facebook and Twitter, their largest threat comes in the form of snapchat who recently reached 100 million users. While Instagram have many more users, snapchat only took half the time to acquire 100 million users, meaning Snapchat is growing at a faster rate in theory. Snapchat has also become popular in the 16 to 30 year old market, which is again why it proves as such as threat. Instagram responded to the growth of snapchat by saying “Our job is not to be the coolest place to be, our job is to be the most useful and most interesting place to be”.

However, Instagram recently took a lot of criticism due to the new major changes made to the app. The first being the new logo which was very different to all the previous versions, replacing the traditional camera style logo with a flashy, modern equivalent. While logo changes never tend to go down well, Instagram marketers argued that the new logo was an attempt to further promote the app universally.

The second change that met the disapproval of the public was the new change in algorithm for the presentation of pictures. While previously your Instagram timeline would be displayed in chronological order, a new display method is supposed to show you the most relevant, interesting pictures first. It does this by using your liked photos to identify content that you’re passion about, which is then shown before other pictures. However, the new algorithm appears to show more ads, which has led the majority of users to believe this was a change to increase Instagrams revenue.

The Future

Instagram has no major changes set for the future as of yet, however they are looking to somehow ensure the app appeals to a wider range of age groups. With the owners of Instagram implementing a near perfect growth strategy, it will certainly be interesting to see their approach to targeting a larger audience. Can Instagram continue their rapid growth and stay ahead of Snapchat in terms of users? We think so.


So with over 500 million users, it’s about time you got your business on Instagram if you haven’t already. If you’re struggling to build an initial following, check out our Buy Instagram Followers page for results within 24 hours.