Instagram, the most popular photo sharing website in the entire world, now has over 300 million monthly users on it’s app. With such a massive amount of users, surely there’s some way you can profit from your Instagram profile and pictures? If you’re looking to earn some extra cash through your Instagram profile, look no further than this article.

How to Make Money on Instagram


Firstly, before even attempting to monetize your Instagram profile, you’ll need to build up a large following. Without a hefty amount of Followers, these techniques will not be as successful as they could be, so focus on growing your Instagram profile until you have a few thousands Followers. In our opinion, you should aim for about 3,000 followers with a minimum of 100 Likes per picture before trying any of these methods below.

Sell your Photos

This one is for all of the professional photographers out there. Using your Instagram profile as a portfolio is the perfect way to monetize your pictures! There are plenty of individuals out there who will pay good money for high quality, well presented pictures. There are sites out there made specifically for selling your Instagram profiles, all you do is sign up and say that you’re prepared to sell your snaps, then wait and as the buyers approach you.

Promotional Shoutouts

Whether it’s a product, website or another Instagram profile, people are prepared to pay for shoutouts if you have an active follower base. Businesses and other Instagram users are prepared to pay hundreds of pounds for a shoutout if your profile is well established. Usually, you will be approached by someone that is interested in purchasing a shoutout, simply make sure you have an email address or method of contact somewhere in your bio. If you’d rather search for clients yourself, you can use sites such as BuySellShoutouts (shown below) where you can create a profile and list the service you are willing to offer.


Affiliate Marketing

You may be aware that thousands of bloggers worldwide make a full time income via affiliate commissions. If you’re not familiar with the term,¬†affiliate marketing is essentially when you sell a product for another company and they give you a cut of the profits (this is called your commission). There are plenty of websites that have affiliate programs and once you’ve signed up, you will receive a unique link that can be added to your captions and bio. Every time someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive some money. Clothing companies with programs like this are perfect for Instagram!

Sell your Instagram Account

None of the other methods working for you? If you’ve given up with Instagram, selling your account can be big business. Again, there are sites out there that offer ways to sell your Instagram account and some end up fetching huge amounts. The most recent account to sell on Viral Accounts had 3,000 Followers and sold for ¬£60, which comes out at ¬£20 per thousand followers.



That’s it! Now you have an arsenal of money making methods, literally at your fingertips. Give a few of them a try and work out what works the best for you, what have you got to lose? If you’re looking for quick growth on your Instagram profile, you could use Speedy Likes to Buy Instagram Followers with guaranteed results in 24 hours or less.