Security for your Instagram Account

With Instagram accounts having both a sentimental and monetary value in the modern world, hackers have added them on to their wish lists. However, the good news is protecting your account against hackers is actually a straight forward process, which should take you no more than a few minutes to complete. Follow the tips in this short article to make it almost impossible for a hacker to gain access to your Instagram account! If you’ve already lost control of your profile, get in contact with Instagram – make sure to give them as much information as you can.


Protect your Account from Hackers


Email Confirmation

Confirming your email address with your Instagram account is incredibly easy and will offer you an additional layer of protection should your account ever be compromised. To do this, simply visit your profile and enter your current email address, then tap ‘Confirm‘. You will then receive a email with a link from Instagram, simply click this link and you’re done! If you ever lose access to your account in the future, you can simply use the associated email address to reset the password. You’ll also want to ensure this email is made as secure as possible, by implementing whichever safety features your host offers.


Avoid Links

With new technological advances, hackers are becoming smarter every day. There are now ways that a hacker can gain complete access to your computer, phone or tablet by you simply visiting a link – from there the hacker can then change whichever information they want, which will effectively give them complete ownership of your accounts (This also applies to other accounts such as Facebook, PayPal e.t.c). To avoid this happening to you, stay away from all links on Instagram, regardless of how much you trust the person. Even if your best friend sends you a link, how do you know their account hasn’t also been broken into?


Password Security

Every security article always includes a section about passwords, right? While you might think your password is incredibly safe, there are plenty of psychological exercises that a hacker can manipulate in order to guess your password. For example, the most common construction of a password is a single word followed by a few numbers which, while you may not think, is reasonably easy to crack if you have the right tools. The best practice for creating the perfect password is to simply take a piece of paper and write down 12-15 random letters or numbers – it’s that easy! There are online generators for secure passwords, however hackers can actually trace the data from that website to find the password you were given.


That’s how simple it is – following the three steps above will exponentially increase the security of your Instagram account, making it almost impossible for hackers to gain entry. With all the methods above taking a few minutes each, what have you got to lose? Now you can focus on building a large Instagram Following, without having to worry about losing your account!