So you’ve seen a few websites selling Instagram Followers and you would really like to increase your numbers on your Instagram profile, but you’re thinking to yourself: “Should I do it? In this short article, we will aim to help you reach a conclusion, so you can start growing your Instagram!

Should you purchase Instagram Followers?


Is it safe?
Absolutely – as long as you buy with the correct website, your profile will be 100% safe. How do you find the correct website? Simple, only ever purchase Instagram Followers from a website that does not need your Instagram password. If the website is legit, they should ask you (or have you provide) your username or a simple link to your profile. This is they key, as long as nobody gains access to your account, your account will never be banned by Instagram and will remain 100% safe.

Will I receive real growth?
Yes, however it may take a bit of time and effort initially. The aim of buying Instagram Followers is to make your account look more popular than it actually is, so when someone new visits your profile, they ask themselves “Why aren’t I following this person, when so many other people are?”. This is often referred to as ‘The sheep theory’ as people tend to follow the crowd. If you can get thousands of people following you (bought or not) then it will ensure more people that visit your profile, follow you. After a while of posting actively, you will have a large base of real followers who will all like and interact with your posts, which will only further grow your Instagram profile.

How many should I buy?
This is totally up to you, but we will explain a few things to try and help you decide. You want to try and make the numbers look as real as possible, meaning if you are a new account with only a few posts, you shouldn’t go and buy 10,000 followers immediately because it won’t look real. You will also need to take into account how many likes you get per photo, if you get 30 likes but have 10,000 followers, this will also look fishy. We would recommend buying around 500 followers if you have less than 10 photos, 1,000/2,000 if you have 10-50 photos and as many as you want if you have more than 50 photos. If you are worried you are not getting enough likes in proportion to your follower base, you could check out this article or consider buying Instagram likes as well.


If you still have any other questions regarding buying Instagram Followers and/or likes, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!