What to avoid posting on Instagram

There are many things you shouldn’t be posting on Instagram, however most people are unaware of the consequences that a simple Instagram post can impose. Sure, posting certain pictures can lead to a few people unfollowing you, but there can be more severe repercussions that can effect your life dramatically. In this short article, we will be covering the main things you shouldn’t be publicly posting to your Instagram feed.


What not to post on Instagram


Holiday Spam

So you’re on Holiday, soaking up some sun and you want to share your snaps with your friends – No problem with that right? Wrong. Burglars use all forms of social media to identify when a house is empty, so that they can break in and steal your belongings without confrontation. If you’re dying to post pictures of your vacation, “Throwback Thursdays” are a good way to incorporate these snaps into your Instagram feed. If for some bizarre reason you HAVE to post these pictures while you’re away, attach a discrete caption that doesn’t make it obvious you’re currently in another part of the world.


Bad Work Experiences or Rants

Bad day at work? We all have them, but posting negative comments about your job could make your day even worse! There has been countless times that someone has actually been fired as a result of ranting about their job on social media. All it takes is for one of your colleagues to share this post with your boss and boom – you’re in serious trouble. If you have a testing day at work in future, give one of your close friends a personal text or phone call, don’t make it public.


Long Personal Paragraphs

It’s your friends birthday, or maybe your parents anniversary and you want to make a long, soppy post to commemorate this special day. How could that possibly be a bad thing? Nowadays, hackers are evolving and they can use your personal information to access your online accounts – Facebook, PayPal, Bank e.t.c. To do this, they simply reset your password by answering your security questions, they then have complete access to whatever they want. Some cyber criminals will even sell your information, or use it themself to commit fraud.


Plans or Exact Locations

We understand that you might be excited to go to your favorite place and want your friends to know, but doing so can offer the perfect opportunity for stalkers. There have been countless incidents where stalkers have used social media to determine the exact location of an individual at a certain time. Obviously if you’re with a big group of people, this becomes less of a worry. Also, never arrange to meet anybody that you don’t know via Instagram – the dangers here are clear, people aren’t always who they claim to be.


There you have it – That’s what you should avoid posting to your Instagram feed! Following the steps above will contribute towards keeping you safe, both online and in the real world. If you want to further increase the security of your Instagram, why not make your account private?