Social Media and the Future

Social Media has become an increasingly prominent part of peoples lives in the last few years, but will it continue this way? With the likes of Instagram and Twitter gaining thousands of new users every day, we certainly can’t see Social Media slowing down any time soon.  In this short article, we will be sharing our predictions on how social apps, such as Instagram, will have an influence on our future.

Social Media the Future


Almost 60% of Under 21s in the UK receive their daily dose of news from Social Media sites with Twitter’s ‘moments’ tab seeming to be the most preferred method of receiving it. Social Media also allows users to dictate what passes as news and what doesn’t, simply by clicking a share button or tagging their friends. If social media users find a news article interesting, or feel like it needs to be seen worldwide, a huge amount of shares will follow in order to make it happen. This has led to certain news stories, such as the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, being published on social media before it’s aired on television or reached the tabloids. When it comes to the future of news, we predict over 80% of young people will be using social media as their primary intake of worldwide affairs by 2017, simply due to the ease of reading.

Businesses have also been able to take advantage of this huge increase in social media usage, with companies now allocating an average 60% of their marketing budget to social media endeavours. We can only see this number increasing within the next few years, with social media having the potential to receive 100% of a marketing budget. Advertising on social apps is incredibly cheap and also allows you to reach a larger audience than the likes of television and radio advertisement. Another huge benefit of social media advertising is that you can target consumers based on their interests age and more, as opposed to just location. If you haven’t started to build a social presence for your business, we highly recommend you do as soon as possible.

Our final topic for this article will be virtual reality. The implementation of VR could mean some crazy things for social media, imagine scrolling through your Instagram feed and being able to immerse yourself in the pictures that others take, allowing you to be at the location the photo was taken. Imagine being able to put on your headset, open up a Youtube video and have a conversation with one of your favorite celebrities. Also, touching again on Business, companies will be able to showcase their product or service, without you having to leave your home. Virtual reality is going to be revolutionary and will certainly increase the usage of social media sites that implement it correctly and uniquely.

To conclude, social media will only be growing stronger in influence and numbers over the past few years, with this number expect to surge with the introduction of virtual reality. If you haven’t added your business to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, now is definitely the time to do so. If you’re looking for a boost in numbers, why not buy Instagram Followers cheap with us here at Speedy Likes?