Instagram Followers are a general measure of how popular a business or individual is online, however these numbers can be manipulated by low quality services often found on sites such as Fiverr. While buying Followers can have huge benefits to your online status, there are ways you can easily identify who has paid for Followers, unless they have used a high quality provider (Like us here at Speedy Likes!) In this article today, we will be explaining exactly how you can tell if whether or not someone has paid for their Followers.


spot fake instagram followers


1. Followed by Accounts without Profile Pictures

This is perhaps the most common method of checking someones followers. Simply go to the users profile and tap ‘Followers’ then scroll down to see how many of their followers have profile pictures. Commonly, if the user has a real follower base around 2-5% of their followers won’t have profile pictures – anything significantly above this percentage and their following is almost certainly purchased. Also, check the names of the accounts and look for any common patterns such as same last name constantly, or all the names being from a different language to the user.

2. Followed by Social Media Providers

It’s fairly common practice for a social media provider to follow the account that they are adding followers to, as it makes it easier for them to monitor their work. Also, if another social media provider catches onto the fact that you bought followers, they are likely to follow you in the hopes that you will make a purchase with them. Normally social media providers are pretty easy to identify as they will have a profile picture that clearly shows that they sell followers. High quality Instagram providers use a local dashboard to keep track of orders, eliminating the need to follow you account.

3. Not Many Pictures Uploaded

With any social media, it takes time to build up a large following unless the profile belongs to a large business, celebrity or similar. Check out their profile and see how many posts they have made and ask yourself whether it seems realistic or not. For example, someone with 20 posts and 3,000 Followers could be legitimate whereas someone with 2 posts and 25,000 Followers clearly isn’t. Keep this in mind if you are planning to buy Instagram Followers, focus on building up your account before making a purchase.

4. Check the Likes and Comments

Similar to the point made above – check the numbers! 5,000 Followers and only 6 likes per picture? This person has clearly bought Followers. If you have an organically created follower base, at least 10% of those will like your pictures. Comments on a picture are also a good indication as to whether someone has bought their social status and a lot of spammy, generic comments such as ‘great pic!‘ are likely to mean they paid for their comments, too. Here at Speedy Likes, we would never recommend purchasing picture comments as it can harm your profile, which is exactly why we don’t offer that service.


There are many websites and softwares out there that claim to identify fake followers, however they are very unrealiable and are usually only created to generate ad revenue, so we would recommend avoiding thse. Performing the ‘tests’ above is going to give you a far better idea of the legitimacy of a persons following. If you’re looking to buy Real Instagram Followers, look no further than Speedy Likes!