Hashtags, they’re one of the hardest things to get right on Instagram. However, if you do manage to successfully use Hashtags, they can offer a huge benefit to your Instagram profile, helping you to rake in hundreds, if not thousands of likes. So if you are ever stuck for tags while uploading a post, try some of these, they seem to be successful for everyone else!

The Top 10 Instagram Hashtags to gain more followers

The Top 10 Instagram Hashtags:

1. #Love

Over 700 Million posts have been uploaded with this as a hashtag – whether it’s a picture of your other half, or some new shoes you’ve saved up to buy, the love hashtag is almost appropriate with any picture! Definitely worth adding on to your hashtags for a possible boost in likes!

2. #Instagood
This hashtags has been used over 400 million times. This hashtag is specific to Instagram only, again it can be added to almost any pic!

3. #Me
This is the hashtag most people tend to stick on the end of a selfie and, as there are so many selfies, it’s easy to see why this hashtag has had nearly 350 million uses.

4. #tbt
Probably the most known hashtag, used on Twitter and Instagram, standing for ‘Throwback Thursday’ is essentially an excuse to upload an old picture that you’ve had saved for ages! This hashtag has had just over 300 million uses to date.

5. #Cute
This hashtag full of baby pictures and relationships, but I’m sure there are plenty of other uses for it. According to the amount of uses this hashtag has, there are 290 million cute pics on Instagram!

6. #Follow
A hashtag to summarize what people spend most of their time doing – following others (or at least checking out their posts). 285 million uses.

7. #followme
An easy and straight to the point way of asking people to follow you. Most people using this hashtag tend to follow you back though, so if you ever want some additional followers, give this hashtag a search and follow a few people! This hashtag has had 280 million uses.

8. #photooftheday
Perfect for those who like to stay active on Instagram and want to post a picture every day. We would advise you to be among the 250 million uses of this hashtag if you upload daily.

9. #happy
Really glad to see this hashtags used 230 million times – I wonder how many of those are related to Pharell’s hit single?

10. #tagsforlikes
Last but not least, Tags for likes is an app that you can download onto your phone to do all the hashtagging for you – there’s sets of hashtags you can choose from, simple pick your favorite then copy and paste the hashtags to your Instagram post! 210 million uses.



There you have it, the 10 most popular hashtags to date. If you’re ever in need of a hashtag, try adding some, if not all of the ones above – they’ll be sure to help you gain the likes and followers you deserve in no time!